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If you’re looking to make your Southern California property available for online booking, you need to make sure every room is tourist-friendly and not just photographable in some spaces. One room that deserves a special mention is the bathroom. In this post, Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors highlight the importance of a functional and appealing bathroom in attracting more leads and customers online, and how you can make it booking-ready!


4 Bathroom Remodeling Hacks to Make Your Place Booking-ready

Being an extremely personal space in any type of lodging, a bathroom needs to make a solid impression when you show off the house or unit to prospective bookers. Here are some hacks a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor recommends to make your bathroom presentable for prospective renters:

  1. Study the most in-demand bathroom designs from renters.

First of all, you have to know what renters usually look for in a room. Research surveys and  blogs to know their experiences and opinions for a better idea of the things you want to put in your bathroom.

Also, you can try to aim for a certain demographic in your design. Some renters may want the sunny feel of LA or SoCal in their bathrooms; you may want to consider aiming for that look in the bathroom by putting in vibrant surrounds or miniature palms in your space.

  1. Get your own bathroom design in mind.

Now that you have an idea of the bathroom you want to have based on your studies, start designing your bathroom. Apart from the usual bathroom fixtures, there may be other items that renters find appealing like scented candles and vases, so include these items in your design as well. Make a sketch of the design so that you would remember it. This will also serve as your guide once you begin talking to your contractor regarding your remodel job.

  1. Study the prices of the materials you plan to purchase.

Once you have the design, canvass the prices of the materials you want to use. From the toilet fixtures down to the bath wall surrounds in Southern California, you need to look at the costs involved in acquiring them.

As much as possible, choose bathtubs or shower fixtures that are worth every penny you spend on them—meaning, they are durable and are pleasing to look at. This will help ensure that your client has a pleasant experience during their trip.

  1. Hire a reasonable yet effective contractor.

When you have all the pieces in place, you can now proceed to hiring a contractor for your space. Choose one that can get the job done in one day. See to it that they also work with quality materials. Renters are very concerned on durability; if something chips off easily, it’s not a good look. Choose a contractor based on their experience, customer service ratings, and portfolio of work to ensure a high-quality remodeling.

Prepare Your Room for Renting with Efficient Bathroom Remodeling!

Even with a room or house with all the furnishings and the beauty to offer, your bathroom is still critical in getting attention from online renters. This room will tell the difference between you having more or less renters.

Plan well and thoughtfully when doing bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA to make sure your place will attract tourists and transient travellers. Not only will this spell glowing reviews in the long run, it can also help you get repeat customers in the future!

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