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Nina Campbell wallpaper designs are beautiful and diverse. As such, settling on one or a couple for your space can be quite a challenge especially if you don’t have a specific theme or color scheme in mind. Follow the dos and don’ts of design selection below to find the best ones for your home.

The Dos and Don'ts

DO: Establish the style of the involved room.

It’s the best way to narrow down your options. Here are some of the themes homeowners frequently emulate.

  • modern or contemporary
  • traditional
  • casual
  • floral
  • botanical
  • romantic
  • color-centered (different shades of single color in a room)

DON’T: Forget to consider the purpose of the room.

Many homeowners forget this when they browse and examine Nina Campbell wallpaper designs. They get so caught up with searching for the right style, pattern, and color that they forget to consider the target space’s purpose. Who are the room’s intended users or occupants?

  • If it’s a communal space like the living room, it’s best to opt for designs that are conventional or generally liked. Nothing too specific like an outer space-themed wallpaper.
  • If it’s a room that serves a specific purpose like an entertainment den or a children’s room, it’s best to opt for designs that complement that function. Choose dark-colored wallpapers for the entertainment room to give it a more theater-like effect. Go for wallpapers that feature pastel colors or fun printed designs for the children’s room.

Always consider the space’s purpose to ensure cohesive and effective wallpaper design

DO: Ensure balance in your overall designs.

Sure, settling on a single wallpaper ensures consistency. But, it’s not always an effective interior design strategy. Using one design on all your walls can either make a room dull (if you’re using a single-colored wallpaper) or over-the-top (if you’re using a patterned wallpaper). You need to ensure balance in your overall aesthetics.

Mixing plains and prints are the best way to achieve this. Here are some suggestions based on common themes.

  • If you’re going for a modern or contemporary theme, use wallpapers with metallic finishes and bold geometric patterns. Pair them up with a botanical or vibrant hued Osborne & Little wallpaper to make a statement.
  • If you’re going for a traditional theme, use wallpapers with detailed damasks and classic stripes. Pair them up with a single-colored wallpaper to compliment the intricate patterns.
  • If you’re going for a casual theme, use wallpapers with faux finishes. Stucco and beadboard are great examples. Pair them up with a floral or botanical wallpaper for a fresh and at-home look.
  • If you’re going for a romantic theme, use wallpapers with beautiful floral and intricate damask designs. Pair them up with a muted or pastel-colored wallpaper to achieve a simple but charming aesthetic.

DON’T: Limit your design choices to your vision.

Having a clear picture of how you want your space to turn out is both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, you can easily narrow down your choices. On the other hand, it can limit your options.

Be objective and open-minded. Consider mixing Nina Campbell designs with other wallpaper brands like Osborne & Little wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to explore other themes and styles.

Whether you’re searching for wallpapers to cover blank walls or give your home a well-deserved makeover, it’s imperative that you find ones with designs that suit your needs and preferences. So, follow these dos and don’ts!

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