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Located in the heart of the Golden State, Los Angeles is famous for sunny, warm weather that’s perfect for backyard brunches and patio parties. However, LA’S hot climate also means taking special considerations when selecting material for your modern outdoor furniture.

Modern Outdoor Los Angeles

Outdoor Furniture in LA: The Weather Factor

Weather plays a big role when buying outdoor furniture. Frequent strong winds can send aluminum chairs flying, while a high amount of rainfall can damage wicker quickly. On the other hand, dry and hot conditions can lead to cracks and splinters in a few types of wood.

Los Angeles, in particular, has a subtropical climate. Weather is generally warm to hot throughout the year, and it’s mostly completely dry. Not all material can withstand these conditions, so you need to learn what to look for when buying outdoor furniture for your home.

Best Outdoor Furniture Material for Hot LA Weather

There are four types of materials that make a great fit for all that Los Angeles sunshine:

  1. Wood

Wooden patio furniture is an excellent choice because it does not absorb heat. Eucalyptus, pine, cedar, and teak are top options when it comes to wood. Teak, a strong hardwood, can last up to 50 years, withstands most weather conditions, and quite difficult to damage. For quality teak outdoor furniture, your best sources are modern outdoor furniture stores in LA.

  1. Aluminum

Lightweight, durable, and low maintenance, aluminum is a popular material for outdoor furniture. Make sure to purchase from contemporary furniture stores to make sure your furniture doesn’t fade or rust under the harsh LA sun.

Keep in mind, however, that aluminum yard furniture absorbs a lot of heat, so always check the surface before sitting down.

  1. Wicker

Another great choice for outdoor modern furniture in Los Angeles, wicker is lightweight, UV-resistant, and long-lasting. It doesn’t retain much heat and neither fades nor cracks, so it’s fine to leave them outside throughout the year. When buying wicker furniture, remember to choose high-density polyethylene to ensure the highest durability standard.

  1. Recyclable Plastic

One of the most affordable options out there, plastic outdoor furniture is a big hit in LA. They’re easy to clean and require almost no maintenance. There are also endless colors and textures to choose from, so it’s a breeze to find shades that fit your home’s palette. However, even the highest-quality plastic can eventually crack and fade with too much sun exposure, so consider placing them under a shady part of your home.

More Tips for Your LA Outdoor Living Space

Once you’ve decided on the material you want for your outdoor furniture, keep these tips in mind for shopping success:

  • Measure your space – the last thing you want is beautiful furniture that’s too big or too small for your patio, so take precise measurements before going to modern furniture stores.
  • Plan for placement – sketch out an overview of where you want to place your furniture for a better idea of where everything should go.
  • Pay attention to comfort – comfort trumps aesthetics when it comes to furniture, so “test drive” furniture extensively before making a purchase.

LA’s amazing weather is ideal for throwing elegant cocktail parties or fun backyard barbeques no matter the time of year. With the right outdoor furniture and some contemporary home décor to spruce things up, you’re ready to entertain with style and comfort anytime.

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