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Picture this: You’ve just completed the setup of your home infrared sauna, and are dying to get that sweat bath you’ve always dreamed of. However, the concept of the infrared sauna is completely new to you, as you’re used to the Finnish style sauna at your health club. The science of how does sauna burn calories using infrared waves lingers long in your mind, as does how it carry out the other health benefits.

Well, now that you’ve been officially welcomed to the world of infrared saunas, here’s a crash course on how this type of sauna does what it does.

Infrared Saunas Use Safe Heating Methods

• Once you turn on your infrared sauna, it begins using energy, but only 20 percent of it, with the rest of the energy heating the body.

• The far infrared heat is invisible and is of the same wavelength used by our bodies and also the son.

• The heat emitted by the sauna is adjustable, ranging from 100 to 130 Fahrenheit.

• Even with such power, the heat can still penetrate below the skin, gently warming up the body.

Benefits of the Infrared Heat

Once the heat has been turned on, the infrared sauna begins to work its magic. Here are the benefits that you get as a result:

• Increase in metabolism

A sauna can raise your heart rate similar to the way moderate intensity physical exercise does. Your increased heart rate is the manner by which does sauna burn fat. Using it an average of three times a week could lead you to lose up to 4 percent body fat in 6 weeks.

• Gets rid of toxins

The infrared heat causes you to sweat, and sweat has both water and fat soluble components which makes an elimination pathway for harmful toxins in the body, including arsenic, mercury, and lead. These toxins make their escape throughout your skin, explaining that great outer glow you get when you step out.

• Reduces stress

When you expose the body to infrared heat, cortisol levels will either remain the same or rise. But once you get out of the sauna, the stress levels drop immediately, and gets to a lower level.

• Relaxes sore muscles

The infrared heat also penetrates sore muscles and joints throughout the body. Once it does this, it increases the flow of nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, oxygen, and fatty acids to them. At the same time, metabolic by-products like lactic acid are removed from the body, rejuvenating your muscles.

Best Use

Saunas work best when they are part of an integrated program. You would be losing electrolytes through sauna, so try to replenish by eating the right food. You can also supplement by getting the right amount of sleep.

Do your sauna treatment in moderation, usually a maximum of 20 minutes. Staying a bit longer than this could cause your body temperature to go up to unsafe levels.

While losing weight is your primary aim in using a sauna, the benefits you can get from it is holistic. How often do you burn calories in sauna is balanced out by a complete workout regimen and a proper diet.

Here’s to a happier, healthier you!

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