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Your backyard must be a safe place for your pets. Unfortunately, if you have a natural lawn, there may be toxins, wildlife, pests, and other health hazards lurking in the grass. Switch to the best artificial grass for dogs to make your yard a haven for your pooch.

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6 Backyard Hazards Eliminated by Artificial Grass

While most elements required for live lawn upkeep may not be risky for humans, they can be dangerous to pets. Some aspects that come naturally with natural grass, such as grass seeds, are also harmful to dogs. Give your canine a  safe outdoor space. Cover your lawn with synthetic grass to eliminate the following hazards:

  1. Herbicides

The chemicals you use to manage unwanted plants and weeds can be incredibly toxic to dogs. In high amounts, these chemicals have been linked to canine cancer. The solutions cause skin irritation, and your dog can track the herbicides into your home and contaminate the space. Artificial grass comes with a weed barrier that prevents weed growth. You’ll never have to buy or use herbicides again when you switch to synthetic turf.

  1. Fertilizers

A good fertilizer nourishes your yard and helps the grass grow. Unfortunately, most types contain high concentrations of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These compounds can cause gastrointestinal upset in dogs, and even burn their paws. You’ll never need to fertilize artificial turf in Dallas, effectively solving this issue for good.

  1. Pesticides

Artificial grass removes the need for most lawn care chemicals, including pesticides. Pet owners should be aware that most insecticides and pesticides function as primary irritants to dogs. Such solutions can also cause severe symptoms, such as diarrhea, fever, respiratory failure, and seizures. Removing these from your home creates a safer space for all since both pets and children won’t be exposed to them.

  1. Toxic Flowers and Plants

Those random flowers and plants on your lawn may look pretty, but they can pose health risks to your dogs. Toxic plants include foxglove, daffodils, buttercups, daisies, azaleas, and begonias. During installation for synthetic grass in Dallas, you’ll be able to remove these toxic plants and flowers from your yard. Replace them with pet-friendly ones if you want to add live plants to your turf.

  1. Mulch

If you use a mulch to keep your yard under control, you may be exposing your dog to harmful substances. Mulch, specifically cocoa mulch, is toxic to canines who love to chew on and eat the material. It also presents a choking hazard. You won’t have to use mulch with synthetic turf, making it a permanent solution.

  1. Grass Seeds

Long grass and other grass seeds pose a major danger to all dog breeds. These arrow-shaped seeds can get lodged in your canine’s throat, skin, feet, and fur. They can also enter through the nose and ears, causing severe discomfort and injuries if not removed immediately. Eradicate grass seeds from your yard by switching to synthetic turf.

Design a Safe Pooch Paradise with Artificial Grass

Not only does the best artificial grass for dogs eliminate most dangers associated with real grass, but it also simplifies pet ownership in several ways. For instance, dog urine won’t kill the grass. Cleaning up their potty waste is as easy as rinsing out affected spots.

With synthetic grass, your canine also won’t be able to dig ugly holes or rip up your turf, giving you a gorgeous, pet-friendly lawn. Call your local installers today to learn more about pet turf!

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