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Pet owners love their dogs like family, but it doesn’t make it any easier when your enthusiastic canine keeps damaging your garden and lawn. Unfortunately, dogs and real grass just don’t mix — those vulnerable grass blades and soft soil are simply no match for enthusiastic paws. Find a dog-friendly solution that also benefits pet owners from the best artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa!

How Artificial Grass Prevents Lawn Damage from Pets

A grass lawn is a magical place for dogs with all its interesting smells, sounds, and sights. However, all that digging, running, and going potty can eventually leave your yard a stinky mess full of holes and patches of dead grass.

Many people have found that high-quality synthetic grass in Santa Rosa is the key to a beautiful, practical yard that caters to their dogs at the same time. Here are some ways synthetic turf addresses the common problems pet owners face with their lawns:

  • Stop Dog Urine from Killing the Grass

Canine urine has high nitrogen content, and such high concentrations of nitrogen can cause your grass to go brown and die. On top of this, it can be hard to eliminate the smell of dog pee from your grass.

Synthetic turf stays green no matter how many times your pet urinates on the grass. Additionally, artificial grass comes with an efficient drainage system that immediately drains urine from the yard surface down to the soil below. All you need is to rinse the potty spot with some water and soap to return your yard into its clean, sanitary state.

  • Stop Dogs from Digging Holes

Tired of replacing plants and flowers after your dog digs them up? Want to stop tripping and falling due to holes in your lawn? Due to the incredible durability of artificial grass, it won’t sustain damage no matter how hard your excited digger tries to excavate the soil.

  • Stop Dogs from Creating Bare Patches

Healthy, happy dogs love exploring their environment. This can result in your dog repeatedly running along the fence line and wearing down bare patches in your natural grass yard. The tough nature of synthetic turf is an easy fix to this issue — not only can it resist foot traffic and the weight of heavy garden equipment such as the grill and pool furniture, but also hours of canine roughhousing without getting bald spots.

More Artificial Grass Benefits for Pet Owners

Aside from protecting your lawn from your canine companion, pet-friendly artificial turf in Santa Rosa offers other numerous benefits for homeowners. Make the switch to artificial grass and enjoy these advantages:

  • No more mowing, cutting, fertilizing, and other yard maintenance tasks
  • Lower water bill
  • Evergreen yard no matter the season
  • Reduced allergen triggers
  • Non-toxic surface
  • No more mud or grass stains

Interested in pet-friendly artificial grass? Call the best artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa to learn more about how synthetic turf can enhance daily life for you, your loved ones, and your pets.

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