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Once your hand-picked pieces from modern furniture stores finally get delivered, it’s time to start arranging them. The right furniture arrangement will make any room feel more cheerful, inviting, and user-friendly.

Try these interior design tips for improving your home’s playing, working, or living spaces.

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Empty out the whole room.

    • Think of it as having a fresh, clean canvas to work with. The biggest mistake you can make when rearranging a room is to half-heartedly move the pieces around.


    • It does take some effort, but taking out all the furniture and decoration is the best way to see the big picture. This will reveal the full potential of your space and help you visualize the perfect spot for each piece.

Choose a focal point.
Every room needs a defining element, also known as its focal point. This can take the form of French doors, a lovely fireplace, a home entertaining system, or beautiful windows – ideally, the first thing that draws the eye upon entry.
That focal point will anchor the space and inform the arrangement. For instance, if you plan to use your living room primarily for gaming or watching TV, then your sofa should face the direction of the entertainment hub.
If you plan to use the room primarily for entertaining guests, then your accent chairs and mid-century coffee table are best grouped around the fireplace or with the windows as background. Knowing the purpose of the room will help you pin down the ideal focal point and work from there.

Define the space with an area rug.
A plush area rug from the best furniture stores in Los Angeles is the secret weapon in your furniture arrangement project.
Want a central seating setup? Avoid placing the chairs and sofas in an awkward half-off, half-on style. As much as possible, consider getting a rug that is large enough to accommodate the entire table and seating comfortably. This will also prevent another furniture arrangement don’t – pushing all the furniture against the wall.

Play with symmetry.
Unless you prefer everything to line up and match, feel free to experiment with symmetry!
Pair an accent chair or love seat with a sofa. Place candles of varying heights and shapes next to each other. Combine different shapes, colors, and designs to infuse the room with vibrant energy and add visual interest.

Hang decoration in proportion to the furniture.
Mirrors, sculptural objects, art – these are all excellent decorations to hang on your walls. However, they should always be placed in proportion to your furniture in Los Angeles.
A tiny photo will look odd hanging at the back of a big couch. A grouping of pieces will work better or a larger one that’s 2/3 of the sofa’s length. Likewise, don’t overwhelm a smaller accent chair with a massive artwork. Strive for balance so that every element in the room contributes to a cohesive look.

These five rules aim to combine form and function when arranging furniture in any room. Don’t be afraid to explore, mix, and match until you achieve furniture arrangement that feels just right!

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