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Weddings may happen only once, but they are forever immortalized in photos taken during this magical event. And when you’re having your wedding in dreamy Virginia, home of scenic locations such as the lush Blue Ridge foothills and the famous Chesapeake Bay, professional local wedding photography is the only way to go.

However, local wedding photographers are a dime a dozen—for an event as important as a wedding, you want to be sure you’re working with an experienced individual. So how do you find the perfect partner for your big day?

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  • They should have a vast portfolio.
  • How many weddings have they worked for? An awesome local wedding photographer will have built a good reputation over time. People who love their work will recommend them to other clients, which means they have hundreds of wedding photography projects under their belt. In addition, this will give you a chance to look over their sample shots and determine if they’re the kind you want for your own wedding.

  • They should have another person on their team.
  • The right local wedding photographer won’t be working alone; she’ll know that capturing special moments in an unobtrusive way will require at least a second person on the job. This way, they’ll be able to observe all of those candid, profound, emotional, and unforgettable moments that might be missed if only one person were trying to handle everything.

  • They should have strong communication skills.
  • Your wedding is about you. Therefore, your local wedding photographer should be happy to go over every small detail of your wedding photography goals. You should be able to discuss the creative and logistical aspects of the project freely, without feeling pressured or rushed during the process.

    A local wedding photographer who has worked with many brides and grooms will have an intimate understanding of what you need, and will be open to hearing your ideas and integrate them with their own. If at any time you feel like they’re not actively listening to you, don’t hesitate to look for another photographer to work with.

  • They should be pet-friendly.
  • If you want your beloved furry companions in your wedding, the right photographer should have no problem with this requirement. In fact, a good local wedding photographer will also have experience with having pets as part of the wedding entourage, and will go to extra lengths to make sure that they have a special spot in your albums.

  • They should have professional-grade equipment.
  • Finally, the right local wedding photographer will have pro camera set, including indoor and outdoor equipment. Not only that, but they should be highly-skilled in retouching, post-processing, and image enhancement so your photos are sure to come out beautiful.

So, who should you trust with your wedding photos?

Be sure to entrust your wedding photography details to a wedding photographer who has vast experience in local wedding photography. Trust someone who can bring out all the subtle, lovely details that you’ll treasure forever.

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