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Treat your pets this springtime by investing in the best artificial grass for dogs! Pets always have an uncontrollable urge to run around, and giving them the space to move about is the best solution to your lawn woes.

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Today, more people prefer using artificial turf for their pets to play around in. This may sound as a surprise at first, given how long we’ve held natural grass in high regard. However, artificial grass has immense benefits.

Advantages of Having Artificial Grass

Artificial grass technology has become so innovative that pets themselves can barely tell the difference between both. Below are the advantages of installing artificial grass for your petscape.

  • Less Digging
    Every dog owner with a yard knows that dogs love to dig. When they dig, holes are created in the yard, which would cause you to replant the grass. Furthermore, the dirt your dog dug up will collect in their paws, and that is a hassle once he steps into your house. Through artificial grass, you get rid of that hassle.
  • Less Damage by Your Pet’s Manure
    The right type of yard will be better to clean when it is done on artificial turf. Unlike with natural grass, a synthetic grass lawn does not get thin or yellow. You can also use special materials to clean up the manure.
  • Less Damage by Your Pet’s Urine
    Urine has adverse effects on a regular lawn – it has a high nitrogen content which burns grass and creates dead spots in the landscape. Artificial grass handles urine better, redirecting it into the turf implant, which drains it into the soil underneath.
  • Less Pests to Bother Your Pet
    You get rid of the hassle of parasitic animals that target dogs. The natural mimicking ability of synthetic grass does not appeal to fleas and ticks—and that’s a great thing! In addition, artificial turf is also less likely to attract dangerous grass-dwelling animals like snakes, keeping your pet safe from harm.

Key Factors for Pet Artificial Grass Selection

The key factors for selecting the best artificial turf in Dallas include the following:

  • Turf height – For fibers made of polyethylene or polypropylene, it is recommended that you get a turf with height that ranges between 1-2 inches (25-35 mm).
  • Turf density – A very dense pile is recommended for pets. This pile density helps protect it from foot traffic damage. The recommended stitch density is between 9,5000 needles per square meter.
  • Material Used – The most suitable artificial grass for pets is created from polyethylene or polypropylene plastic.
  • Strong backing/ Infill – The grass should have 2-3 inches of sub base made of granite or limestone chippings

Get the Grass Your Pet Will Love

Choosing artificial grass for your pet is similar to deciding what artificial grass to use, in general. However, the best thing to do is check with dealers if their type of grass is truly suitable pet animals.

Give your pet a space that they can wander and play around in. Now’s a great time to invest in synthetic grass in Dallas. Contact your local dealer now!

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