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What is Comarch EDI?

Bringing you and your partners closer to improve business productivity

Having more than 25 years of experience in providing advanced systems and services for business automation, Comarch's IT engineers and business specialists took on the task of creating a leading-edge electronic data interchange solution.

The result is Comarch EDI - a cloud-based B2B platform that enables dynamic and reliable data exchange between you and your trading partners. Designed to help your company significantly improve its business efficiency, our product is fully compliant with the latest global standards & regulations. 

Allowing you to send and receive dozens of electronic message types converted to many different formats, the platform has frequently been acknowledged for being both a highly practical and cost-effective IT product. It can be easily integrated with your internal IT systems or used as a Web-EDI solution. Despite which form you choose, it will facilitate the entire trade life cycle - from placing an order, through the shipment, to the actual payment.

Plus, thanks to the implementation of the blockchain, traceability, and machine learning technology, Comarch EDI guarantees that your supply chain processes will always be perfectly optimized for achieving greater business results. 

What are the benefits of using Comarch EDI?

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    A Simple Approach to a Complex Project

  • Digitize Your Supply Chain with EDI

    Why Invest in an EDI Solution?
    Learn to Streamline Your Supply Chain With the Right Technology

  • EDI Onboarding Best Practices

    How to successfully connect your B2B partners


    The key features of Comarch Electronic Data Interchange

    Jump into the B2B EDI Network
    Uniting more than 130 000 companies of all sizes - from 45 different countries - all of them exchanging approximately 650 million documents each year, Comarch EDI Network enables dynamic and secure data transmission between you and your business partners.

    Designed with user-experience and business efficiency in mind, the network includes complete analytical, monitoring, archiving, and master data synchronization (GDSN) solutions.

    Due to Comarch EDI being a cloud-based solution that can be easily implemented at your company, it allows you to significantly reduce operating costs and earn a swift return on your investment.
    • Partnerships with GS1, EESPA, PEPPOL, VDA, VeR
    • Interoperability with providers in every part of the world
    • Support for all supply chain operations

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    Two types of EDI implementation - Web or Integration

    We provide a custom-fit, cloud EDI platform for all businesses, regardless of their size or technological maturity:

    Comarch WEB-EDI – an intuitive web-based application that enables fast and reliable data exchange with even the smallest business partners. Its features include instant access to the digital version of a document, logistic labels generation with SSCC codes, PO flip, rapid reference documents generation, document status preview, conversion to many different formats, and more.

    Comarch INTEGRATION – automatic digital communication ensuring facilitated integration with your company’s internal systems (e.g. ERP, WMS) via various communication protocols (e.g. AS2, FTP/VPN, SFTP, WebService and OFTP).

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    EDI Managed Services - Validation, Mapping, Routing, Data Enrichment

    Comarch EDI defines dedicated validation rules in order to reduce the number of incorrect e-documents. In other words, it automatically verifies if your business partners' data matches yours at all times. Only when it is approved will it be uploaded into your system. 

    What is more, it was designed to be able to translate a given document to a format preferred by your business partner and vice versa. Incorporating advanced any-to-any format mapping, Comarch EDI supports multiple file formats (XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, TRADACOM, ODETTE, VDA) and provides help in the process of creating document specifications. And thanks to the routing functionality, the platform allows you to send dozens of documents to multiple entities simultaneously.

    Plus, if it is impossible for your trading partner to provide all information necessary for full document integration, the Data Enrichment feature will automatically fill in the blanks or transpose the data included in a given file. 

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    Optimization of the supply chain management
    Comarch EDI guarantees full optimization of data exchange with logistics and transport companies. As a result, you can cooperate with multiple operators at once - no additional integrations required

    What is more, the platform enables simple and effective integration of commercial documents with logistics materials. This kind of approach, combined with blockchain technology, significantly improves the overall traceability of both goods and services. Our cloud-based B2B platform ensures:
    • Integration with LSP warehouse services and customers' internal ERP systems
    • Support for numerous logistic messages (i.e. transportation instructions)
    • Any-to-any message translation - compliant with the LSP requirements
    • Intuitive generation of logistic labels with SSCC codes
    • Instant access to the status of all logistics operations
    • Web forms & notifications

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    Data sharing: Tracking and Reporting

    Using Comarch EDI, you will be given instant access to a real-time monitoring portal. This way, you will be able to check the performance of your EDI solution. The platform is also equipped with a tracking feature - an ergonomically designed web application that provides a full preview of the current status of processed documents (document flows, partners configurations, SLAs, errors notifications) and helps you quickly respond to invalid/lost document incidents. 

    Comarch EDI is also capable of generating ready-to-use reports based on the data exchanged in the EDI Network, for example, a comparison of the number of ordered products with the number of those appearing on an invoice or EAN codes. Subscription reports can be sent via e-mail in any format.

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    An end-to-end approach

    We understand the fact that you are looking for an EDI solution that can automate your business processes and reduce operational costs. And even though there is a number of systems currently available on the market that are capable of producing such results in some capacity, the real challenge is to achieve them at the highest possible level.

    This is why Comarch EDI adopts an end-to-end approach to supply chain processes and Big Data analyses.

    As a result, enterprises dealing with hundreds, or even thousands, of partners may easily redesign their B2B collaboration strategy and find a clear, competitive advantage. What is more, they are able to use cloud-based electronic communication to significantly improve both the quality of their data as well as their relationships with all partners around the world.

    Join the companies who are already using the Comarch EDI solution!

    "We keep in touch with many suppliers and issue hundreds of orders every day. (…) There is no room for any error or misunderstanding. It [Comarch EDI] enables quick decision making and appropriate response in a constantly changing business environment."

    "Comarch EDI has met our expectations and has improved the efficiency of our logistics processes as planned. (…) Due to their professionalism, Comarch EDI solutions have been adapted to our individual, functional – business or technical – needs.”

    "The implementation of electronic document circulation between our company and logistics operators greatly improved our operations thanks to key data, reduction of the tasks performed manually, increase of the accuracy of orders, reduction of the time needed to develop and transfer documents."

    Start your digital transformation journey with our support


    Comprehensive management of the process of integration and communication with business partners carried out by Comarch specialists in accordance with the assumed schedule.


    Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced Service Desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards.


    Experienced managers are being assigned to specific projects so they could supervise every stage of the implementation process - the initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization - and make sure that the end configuration meets your company's needs.

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