Real-time Network Inventory Management

Real-time Network Inventory Management: Real-time Management of Network Resources for Telecoms

Comarch Real-time Network Inventory Management stores complete information about physical, logical and virtual network resources. It is a shared, central fixed-access inventory to capture all details of a very complex IT/telecom environment with advanced micro-services technology underneath.

Telecom Real-time Network Inventory facilitates network resource catalog management for multi-vendor, multi-domain networks. It manages RAN, transmission, core, and fixed network domains, IT infrastructure and data center inventory tasks for SDN/NFV and hybrid networks, handling both inside plant telecom and outside plant telecom operations, and allowing easy onboarding of new technologies.

With artificial intelligence Comarch Real-time Network Inventory supports the management of the end to end network, while enabling automation within each dynamic virtual domain based on immediately available network resources. Static physical and logical resources are managed by the conventional Comarch Network Inventory Management software. Comarch Real-time Network inventory with AI manages the dynamic virtual resources.

Network Inventory Data can be also accessed via the OSS Mobile App (iOS and Android devices) by technician performing tasks on the site. Efficient task handling in a highly-paced 5G environment requires more support and data access for field technicians. The Comarch OSS Mobile App enables technicians to access network inventory data and process their field activities while on the site. A technician can browse the physical and logical structure of network elements during a site audit or while undertaking hardware modifications. The app provides the possibility to quickly add active and passive devices on-site and provides access to a knowledge base with devices on-site accessible in the most convenient way, by using augmented reality features.

The Use Of AI and ML for Automated Cross Vendor VNF Self Healing and Auto Scaling

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Benefits of implementing a real-time telecommunications network resource management system - Comarch Real-time Network Inventory Management:

End to end view of multi-vendor, multi-technology networks

The idea is to represent the same equipment and connections in several layers, with technology-specific information included in the dedicated-generic layer providing a consistent view of the network for the operator, without an information overflow.

Improved utilization of existing resources

An up to date, cross-domain network inventory management is the basis of network investments in telecoms. It allows the efficient utilization of existing resources, and planning of new ones which are profitable from the business perspective.

Reduced network operating cost

Having one consistent view of the network for all technologies and layers allows the operator to increase business efficiency and decrease operational costs. Inventory is the foundation of a lot of business processes across a telecom company, including the network operation center, engineering and planning departments, procurement, and business partners.

Integrated in umbrella OSS

Resource & Network Inventory is the heart of Comarch OSS. It provides the data and information for all other modules, such as Planning & Design, Configuration Management, Fault Management, Service Quality Management, Customer Experience Management, and Business Process Management. All dedicated modules utilize the same inventory database, which leads to efficient data processing and, thanks to the elimination of lots of dedicated interfaces, reduced operational costs.

Efficient resources assurance

Comarch Network Inventory provides a network assurance system support with topological correlations and allows recognition and troubleshooting of the root cause of failures in the most efficient manner.


Thanks to its future-proof architecture, Comarch OSS is already integrated with the NFV/SDN framework in the inventory, planning, configuration and assurance areas. This means that the Comarch OSS is an umbrella OSS for new virtualized and legacy architectures.

Mobile access

Secured and instant access to network inventory data from mobile device improves the way of executing site surveys and keeping physical site information data up to date.

The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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The Main Components of Telecom Real-time Network Inventory Management:

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Arqiva (United Kingdom)

Support for development of next-generation smart metering services thanks to Comarch OSS & assurance products combined with Managed Services

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Orange Poland

Optimization of field service management for a network covering more than 300 000 square kilometres and more than 20 million subscribers

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Supporting implementation and development of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) all over the country by delivering an OSS system

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MWingz (Belgium)

Assisting MWingz to become Belgium’s first shared network by providing an operating and managing system in the SaaS model.

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"As part of Telefónica's strategy, our network and operation support systems play a crucial role as enablers of the services we provide to our clients. Implementing Comarch Next Generation Network Planning is a major step towards improving the efficiency of network planning and optimization processes in our subsidiaries in Latin America. Comarch was chosen as it has already proven to be a trusted partner of the Telefónica Group in Europe, and shown a great degree of flexibility in meeting our needs. The current implementation will provide an integration platform for a best of breed OSS solution, unified and reused across the group."

José González Díaz, Director of Transformation & OSS, Global CTO
Telefónica S.A.

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