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There are many sauna benefits that you get from using it. The most popular benefit is that when you use it routinely with your workout, you are able to lose more weight. For the longest time, though, people have been doing sauna therapy right after their session. While the purpose for this is to wind down, there is no concrete evidence to back this up.

Now, physical therapists are proposing a new way of using the sauna, which is right before the workout. While the practice is unconventional, using the sauna before your exercise routine can bring about more benefits than doing it after.

Sauna workout

The Case for Doing Sauna Pre-Workout

It may surprise other people, but going into the sauna pre-workout does prove a point. Here are the reasons that will encourage you to do your sauna before the workout.

  • You warm up the body before your workout
    Going into a sauna prior to workout helps condition the body for your eventual sweat session. In an infrared sauna, the infrared rays directly heat your body, jumpstarting your circulation and easing your transition into an active state.The more warmed up you are, the more in condition you’ll be to do the real sweating afterward. You set yourself for a tighter calorie burning session in the process. All the more you should consider purchasing that home sauna for sale!
  • You get the benefits faster
    Doing the sauna session in advance will allow you to get the benefits faster. You’ll be able to get rid of body toxins, improve your circulation, and get fair skin at once. Once your body is accustomed to the sweat, you won’t have any reservation about sweating afterward.You also relieve some muscle and joint pains at that moment, getting you ready for an intense workout. You’re more in shape to do repetitions and adjust to an exercise rhythm in the process!
  • You get a genuine cool down after the workout.
    When you do the sauna session after the workout, you just heat the body more. It’s not a bad thing, but when you want to cool yourself down, heat is the thing you’d least want to experience. You’d be better off doing stretching to relieve your muscle and joint pains.Doing the sauna session beforehand and doing your workout and stretching right after will normalize your temperature, bring your heart rate back to normal, and give you a better relaxation. It also gives you a chance to test your recently purchased sauna for sale right away!

An Alternative Sauna Approach

Doing a sauna session before your workout will breathe new life into your routine.  Your body will be shaken from its usual state, making metabolism and circulation better, and attaining fitness faster.

Once you get the hang of this practice, many infrared sauna benefits will come your way. So it’s important for you to select a great home sauna on top of planning your workout schedule. Best of luck to you!

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