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Boxed gifts can be thrilling for this holiday season. Receiving one can bring you shiver, putting the December chill aside. But what if you get to have, or maybe give, a not-so-typical boxed gift this time? Hot box, or a home sauna kit, can be a nice gift for a change.

Couple spending time in Spa

It might sound as epic as the recent news about Kendall Jenner’s receipt of an infrared sauna from her sisters. But you don’t have to give it to just one person like what these celebrity sisters just flaunted, but rather a gift for groups. Saunas good for three to four people would save you some time in thinking of what gift to give to a group of friends or even a family close to you.

Office Treat

This is another gift idea in the office context. Generous managers, especially in the creative industry, might also consider sauna as a gift or treat for their employees.

Artists, writers, and other professionals who work for this industry typically want an office set-up that will allow them to keep ideas flowing, and one way to do this is by getting rid of the conventional style of rigid desks. Providing unique hangout or relaxation area like a sauna can help boost their productivity!

Also, the novelty of this gift will be appreciated, especially if you talk about some benefits of using sauna like:

  • Stress relief
  • Ease muscle pains
  • Improve cardiovascular health

Individual Gift

For those who have a friend who seemed to be perpetually single, a sauna for just one person is definitely a golden option. Interested givers can check out personal infrared saunas for their friends.

This is a good fit for single and busy people because sauna infrared generally generate lower heat levels. This means that less maintenance efforts are needed for the sauna wood.

Upon giving the hot box to you friend, sharing with him or her this trivia might trigger the thrill of enjoying your present.

Sauna Accessories

You friends might already have sauna units, but you can make them enjoy it better by giving them accessories like:

  • Neck rest

    One of the primary reasons people do sauna bath is relaxation, and this accessory totally maximizes this benefit. Just make sure that its materials are also sturdy to make the gift less of a burden when it comes to maintenance.

  • Back rest

    Similar with neck rest, this accessory can further make sauna bathing more enjoyable. This will be a good fit for friends who have back conditions.

  • Infrared foot warmer

    This is a perfect accessory for friends who are experiencing joint pains. According to Arthritis Foundation, heat can sooth conditions like arthritis.

  • Chromotherapy light

    This allows the sauna user to bathe with the color of light s/he wants. One reason for this sauna feature is color therapy. While the studies conducted on this therapy is still scant, some still show some possible connection of light color with physiological and psychological responses.

So while the other folks are wrapping their gift boxes this holiday season, try considering the of out-of-the-box hot box ideas above. Home sauna kit will surely be a good holiday gift for your loved ones. It is not only an investment for a recreational activity but also an investment in keeping the relationship.

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