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The longstanding love affair we have for pickup trucks has been well documented throughout the years. A good example of this comes from one article published in the The Wall Street Journal. It details a family’s relationship with their 1964 Chevrolet C10, affectionately christened as “Old Blue.” The current owner, Daniel Anderson, recounts how his father bought the truck back in the mid-1970s and how it has been passed down for three generations and is still in use to this day.

The story is quite inspiring, especially in a world where many of us replace a car within three to five years. If you yourself feel inspired by the story of the Andersons and Old Blue, know that you too can easily find your “forever truck.” All it takes is a little research before you buy so you can choose a vehicle that is known for wearing well as the years go by.

1964 chevrolet c10

Proper Maintenance for Your “Forever Truck”

Of course, proper maintenance also plays a key role in the life of a “forever truck.” With that in mind, here are a few maintenance tips you should definitely follow.

  • Keep Track of Fluid Levels
  • Most people know that a fluid change is necessary once you hit 7,500 miles driven. However, it is always possible that your coolant, transmission fluid, and other fluid levels reach a dangerously low amount earlier than the 7,500 mile rule. Every now and then, you’ll want to check your fluid levels as well as take a quick look underneath your car to see if there are any fluid leaks. This is especially important if you plan to off-road with your pickup truck often or if you drive long distances frequently.

  • Keep Track of Engine Oil Quality
  • Engine oil is important as it helps keep all the moving parts well lubricated, extending the engine’s overall lifespan. Over time, however, impurities like rust from the metallic sections of the engine can find its way into your engine oil. This turns the oil into a sludge-like substance that no longer lubricates the engine. Make sure you check the condition of your engine oil every few months.

  • Keep Your Tires and Wheels in Good Condition
  • Off-roading can take its toll on your suspension and wheel alignment when done often. This may lead to your tires wearing unevenly, especially the front tires if you aren’t driving a 4×4 model. Apart from bumpier rides, uneven tread wear can also lead to tire blowouts and other dangerous accidents. To avoid uneven tread wear, try rotating your tires every time you replace your engine oil or whenever you need to top up your fluid levels.

These are three basic maintenance tips that many pickup truck owners tend to overlook, especially those who have just purchased their very first vehicle. Follow these three tips as best you can however, and your new pickup is sure to serve you and future generations well.

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