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Parking management problems are becoming a major issue in various hospitals all around the world. From the lack of space to unorganized parking system, these problems are starting to affect the normal operations and services in hospitals and even in other businesses. If you want to address these parking issues, the best thing that you need to do is to look for simple yet effective parking solutions.

5 Ways to Solve Your Hospital Parking Problems

Hospital parking management plays a crucial role in protecting the cars of your visitors, patients, and even your employees. Getting these five ultimate solutions can definitely improve your parking management system.

  1. Employ Valet Services
    Most hospitals and other businesses are now applying valet services to deal with their parking problems. Valet services can help reduce the burdens of the driver in looking for a parking spot, which can be challenging for non-ambulatory or even aging patients. Plus, it also extends the patients interactions with your staff.

    To develop the best valet services, valet staff must be smart and persuasive to direct patients or visitors to their destinations inside the hospital. They should be dressed in professional attire and also have a high level of customer care. Above all, valet staff must be able to retrieve vehicles properly so the patients or visitors will not wait for a long time.

  2. Organize Parking Allocations
    One of the most effective parking solutions is to re-balance the parking allocations for patients, visitors, and staff. Although it is essential for your employees to have parking spaces for their cars, it is advisable that you prioritize your patients and visitors.

    Focus on reducing the number of staff parking. Encourage your employees to use public transportation or you may provide an employee shuttle so they can go to work safely and on time. By increasing the number of parking space for visitors and patients, you are guaranteed to improve your hospital parking management

  3. Limit Parking Permits and Implement an Expiry Date
    Over-subscribed car parking and overspill parking in patient areas are the most common parking issues at hospitals. To solve these problems, it is vital to limit the number of permits to ensure that other patients and visitors are able to use the parking space.

    Parking permits should also have an expiry date. This warrants that the permit database is up-to-date and inhibits parking problems like overstaying at the parking space and sharing the parking permit to someone else.

  4. Use Signage and Wayfinding
    Another ultimate parking solution is to use signage and wayfinding. These visual tools should indicate both the primary destinations and the locations where parking is available to serve patients and visitors. Signage and wayfinding should also have appropriately-sized text for viewing distance, driving speed, and reaction time to help drivers process the information clearly.

    Since signage and wayfinding are the key elements to achieve a successful parking system, they must provide clear and accurate details, so the patients and visitors will not be confused when they are reading the messages.

  5. Consult with a Parking Management Company
    Of course, the last ultimate parking solution is to consult the experts. Parking management companies are responsible for organizing parking management systems in businesses, like hospitals and even schools. They can help you develop your valet system, shuttle services for patients, and many more.

    When consulting a parking management company, make sure that you have distinguished all the parking problems as well as your initial plans and solutions, so they can give you the best parking solutions.

Don’t settle for less if you can have these five ultimate solutions to solve your parking problems!

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