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After spending the whole day working, you just want to end it lying down on a comfortable bed. However, lying down on the wrong kind of bed will give you posture problems, and keep you awake. By getting the best mattress for lower back, you can get rid of your sleeping woes and spend eight hours of peaceful slumber.

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What exactly do you have to consider in getting the perfect mattress for your back? First of all, we need to differentiate between a mattress’s firmness and support.

Difference Between Firmness and Support

Firmness is sometimes confused with support.  However, these are actually different concepts. Firmness is the hardness or the softness of a mattress, while support pertains to the capability of the mattress to keep your spine aligned.

Firmness is highly subjective, and dependent on how soft you find a mattress, and its relation to your body type.  Ideal firmness stays in the 4-7 range, with 10 being the most firm. Your mattress may have the right type of firmness, but not necessarily the support you need.  Certain materials have to work together to give your body the perfect comfort.  This is why many companies have also created universal comfort mattresses, which provide both ideal support and firmness for its users.

The Secrets are in the Layers

Universal comfort mattresses aren’t just mattresses. They are a combination of specially designed layers brought together to form the best mattress for lower back pain. A great example is the JUST SLEEP Premium mattress with “Quadra Foam” structure that brings together five diverse layers that provide firmness and support to the body.

  • The top layer is an Italian coconut oil bio foam which provides a great amount of airflow, reducing heat that can interrupt your peaceful sleep. Compared to ordinary memory foam, the bio foam provides twice the air flow, putting you in an infinitely relaxing mood. In addition, it provides support by not creating pressure points, keeping you on your back and relieving your chronic pain.


  • Underneath is a Talalay latex form, a perfect complement to the coconut foam. The Talalay latex is health-friendly, as it is anti-microbial in design and hypoallergenic. Studies have also shown that it is thrice as pressure relieving, seven times more breathable, and 20 times stronger than memory foam. With these properties, you’re bound to forget your lower back problems once you hit the sack.


  • Capping off the layer recipe is a 3rd and 4th layer of conventional foams that have different densities for support and base stabilization. Certified by both Oeko Tech and CertiPUR, these foams are free of toxic substances, and will have you sleeping like a baby!

Get the Best Mattress Now!

As active workers, not just any bed will do for you. You need a mattress that is designed to respect your body and give it comfort all throughout the night. As long as your mattress easily mixes support with firmness, you’ll have a good night’s sleep whether you have the best memory foam mattress for back pain or a universal comfort mattress. Call your favorite specialty store and choose the mattress that’s right for you!

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