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Full bathroom renovations can cost thousands of dollars, and many homeowners are not willing to spend that much on just one area in the house. Fortunately, you can now hire a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles that can redesign the whole bath affordably. The finest contractors can even do it in ONE DAY!

However, many people prefer to DIY for many reasons, such as budget and a sense of accomplishment. While there are some parts of a bathroom renovation you can do on your own, there are numerous tasks you should leave to a professional.

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  • Sprucing Up the Mirror
  • Looking at your reflection every day in a rusty, chipped, and flaking mirror is far from flattering. Instead of buying a brand-new one, redesign it yourself! There are plenty of pre-cut molding frames available you can use to frame your mirror beautifully.

  • Changing the Shower Head
  • This is a small update that makes a big impact. It usually takes just a few twists to remove your old shower head and bring in a new one. Just make sure you have the right tools to do this correctly.

  • Expanding Storage
  • Installing new shelves is not very complicated. You’ll find many pre-cut shelves that come with instructions so you can have a fun weekend project. Do this carefully, though – you don’t want your bath products and toiletries crashing to the floor due to a haphazard installation.

  • Installing bath wall surrounds
  • This seems easy; what’s so hard about sticking some designs on the wall? Leave this one to the pros. Bath wall surrounds need to be waterproof and precisely measured and applied, and the average homeowner lacks the skills and experience this requires.

  • Bathtub replacement
  • This one absolutely requires a Los Angeles remodeling contractor to accomplish properly. Installed right, a good bathtub replacement in Los Angeles prevents water collection at the seams, resists mold, and fits perfectly over your existing tub. Without the right equipment and expertise, you risk damaging your bath tub.

  • Retiling the Floor
  • Don’t DIY this one. The retiling process follows very specific steps and takes into consideration your existing flooring. This is especially true if you’re going for more complicated tile patterns. Your bathroom’s new design will be there for years, and small mistakes can bring down the whole look.

  • Installing Lighting
  • Installing light fixtures requires some electrical work, so it’s best to entrust this part to a knowledgeable contractor.

  • Installing Sink Faucets and Other Accessories
  • One minute you’re quietly screwing the new faucet in place, the next, you’re struggling with a burst pipe! Installing a sink faucet is more complicated that it looks, so just let a bathroom contractor do this one.

VERDICT: Strike a Balance Between DIY and Hiring a Professional

A stylish, functional bathroom is a joy to be in. There’s a wonderful feeling of satisfaction when you DIY some parts of your bathroom redesign, but don’t go overboard.

There are many unique and practical benefits to working with a Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor. This includes quick and efficient installation, a keen eye for design, and lifetime warranties.

For best results, take advantage of the free consultation offered by reputable contractors to guide your bathroom renovation project.

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