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Construction management in Canada is on the upswing, and it’s because of a recent infrastructure spending boom throughout the country. The Great White North has a plethora of projects that will not only bring a positive impact to the country’s economy, but build a great community of citizens in it as well.

Discussion in Construction Management

What’s more, it will pave the way for more jobs in the construction sector. And being a host to several immigrants from all over the world, it would be less hard for skilled workers to fill the void.

Construction and Canada: The Figures

Construction is one of Canada’s key industries, as shown by these figures:

  • Out of Canada’s overall gross domestic product (GDP), construction industry accounts for 7%
  • Canada is the 5th largest construction market in the world
  • Construction employs over 1.3 million Canadians
  • One in every 14 Canadians are in the construction industry
  • The construction industry needs 322,000 workers by 2024


Also, many experts in Canada see construction as an effective measuring stick for the economy. Much construction, plus jobs spell out a vibrant economy. On the flipside, the economy is down when construction goes down too.

Residential Construction

At the forefront of the Canadian construction boom is increased housing demand. With more people settling in Canada from all over the world, and with established Canadians making moves, there is no question that condominiums and apartments are on the rise as well.

Key areas in the country are experiencing a residential market boom. In the Greater Toronto Area, Greater Vancouver Area, and Prince Edward Island, the following factors have contributed to the high residential demand:

  • Desire for condominium living
  • High cost of single detached homes


Transportation Construction

Apart from the habitat construction, there is also nationwide expansion of railway systems. Here is a list of the upcoming railway projects the federal and provincial governments plan to roll out:


  • Réseau express métropolitain

    Province: Quebec
    The Montreal light rail system expected to open in 2022

  • Relief line North, rapid transit line

    Province: Ontario
    The expansion lines for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) line

  • Sheppard East LRT expansion

    Province: Ontario
    The new line of the Toronto Metrolinx

  • Green Line LRT – City of Calgary

    Province: Alberta
    The new dedicated light railway line for Calgary

  • Millennium Line Broadway Extension Project

    Province: British Columbia
    Expansion of Vancouver’s expansion line

  • Valley Line West LRT

    Province: Alberta
    An expansion of the provincial light railway system in Alberta

Personnel Needed

With this infrastructure boom, construction companies in Canada’s largest cities are at a crossroads. Because of the uptick, highly qualified people are needed to fill crucial spots. Even in Canada’s active immigration programs, construction work is one of the high-demand occupations, both at the federal and provincial levels.

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