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Making waves in the Skincare Arena

Matrixyl 3000 is becoming popular as a skincare treatment nowadays. One of the more recent discoveries in skin rejuvenation and exfoliation, it is being explored by everyone, and regimens are now being centered on its use.

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One of the more popular uses for it is as a remedy for dry skin, which grows more frequent as you age. When applied accordingly and in the right dosage, matrixyl 3000 will be the most effective solution to your skin woes.

Matrixyl vs. Matrixyl 3000

  • Matrixyl is a palmitoyl-pentapeptide 3, a peptide which specializes in skin repair and collagen creation. To put it more elaborately, it is 5 amino acids that are linked to a 16-carbon chain, aiding penetration of the molecules via the lipid structures of the skin. It was also the first long term anti-wrinkle raw material, created by Sederma Corporation in 2003.
  • Matrixyl 3000, on the other hand, is based on 2 peptides, (1) palmitoyl tripeptide and (2) palmitoyl tetrapeptide. They work together to mimic broken down collagen, so that the skin would make more collagen and elastin. This material has also replaced matrixyl as the best wrinkle fighting ingredient.

What type of skin does Matrixyl 3000 address?

Matrixyl 3000 can get to the heart of the following skin conditions and provide a solution for them:

  • Aging skin

    As we grow old, we develop unsightly wrinkles on our face. Using Matrixyl 3000 restores the matrix, as well as the epidermal-dermal junction to plump out wrinkles, as well as tone the skin. In this regard, Matrixyl 3000 can serve as a good alternative to retinol and vitamin C.

  • Sagging skin

    When we mature, skin has the tendency to lose collagen and elastin. Exposure to the sun can also cause the skin to sag. Using Matrixyl 3000 aids in boosting collagen and elastin that is lost in our skin, as well as provides peptides to help firm it up and postpone the sagging process.

  • Dehydrated skin

    Sun exposure can also cause the skin to dry up, leaving a rough, unpleasant feeling to our skin. Applying serums from Matrixyl 3000 rehydrates our skin by providing peptides that will help in the maintenance of a healthy extracellular matrix to our skin.

How to Use Matrixyl 3000 in Serum Form

With proper usage, matrixyl 3000 can give the anti-aging, skin toning properties it is known for.

  1. First, make sure that you have thoroughly washed your face.
  2. Apply around 1-2 pumps of serum on your face.
  3. Massage the serum thoroughly, and pat it on your face.
  4. Finish off by applying moisturizer to your face.

It is advisable that you do this procedure twice: once in the morning and once at night.

Let Matrixyl 3000 Take Care of Your Skin Woes

Aging is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard taking care of your skin. With new technology, natural remedies such as the Matrixyl 3000 complex are making it possible for all of us to defy the aging process and give a youthful glow to our skin.

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