Web Uniqueness August 30, 2018

For every policy change, different players of the real estate industry like investors, speculators, buyers, and construction management companies, among others, will have various, and possibly contradictory, reactions. This is because the said policy changes can affect them in different ways. With the continuing challenge of rising housing prices in Canada, different groups have been […]

Web Uniqueness July 16, 2018

When a construction project is about to start in an area, nearby communities usually have negative reactions. You cannot blame them because it is undeniable that such projects may give them inconvenience, discomfort, and even irreparable damages to their area like destabilized soil and pollution. However, through time, construction companies have already developed strategies to […]

Web Uniqueness June 18, 2018

For years, there has always been a debate on whether rental housing or buying your own home is better. Numerous studies have already conducted studies regarding this matter and the results are varying. Preferences also differ in terms of age group, race, economic situation, and the current time frame. Some economists and real estate experts […]