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Wasp nest with wasps sitting on it. Wasps polist. The nest of a family of wasps which is taken a close-up.

Bee and wasp removal are tasks best left to the experts. One wrong move can provoke the stinging insects into attacking anyone within their vicinity. At the first sign of a bee infestation, call professional exterminators immediately. In the meantime, prepare for their arrival by learning what you should do before, during, and after the process.

Before Bee Removal

Diagnose the problem. Determine the extent of the infestation, identify the type of bee involved, and establish their risk factor. While your bee and wasp exterminators are going to conduct their own inspection when they reach your home, it still pays to know as much as you can about your situation.

Still haven’t found the hive? Look for buzzing noises inside the floor, ceiling, or walls. Keep an eye out a widening hole or crevice on walls due to bee nest expansions. Finally, take note of the areas in your home that have a high density of bees. Once you’ve identified the general location of the nest, keep the area off-limits. Instruct your family and friends to stay calm if they encounter bees. Ask them not to make any sudden movements and walk slowly away from the insects.

If you have canines or felines in the house, make sure they can’t access the areas near the hive. Avoid wearing bright colors, stop using perfumes, and keep leftovers inside the refrigerator to avoid attracting more bees. Inform anyone who’s allergic to stings to steer clear of your home until removal.

During Bee Removal

Share all the information you gathered about your infestation to your bee and wasp removal experts. Accompany them when they assess your home for damage. Most exterminators give their clients an overview of what they plan to do to remove the nest and stinging insects. Listen carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask questions and clarify points if necessary.

Follow all the safety advice that your exterminators will provide. Unless you’re wearing the necessary safety gear, stay away from the site during the removal, but stay accessible. Your bee removal experts may need your assistance in some phases of the process.

If you have children, ask a friend or relative to babysit them during removal day. Do the same for your pets to keep them safe from the stinging insects.

After Bee Removal

After a bee removal, listen to your exterminators’ post-treatment instructions carefully. Follow all their instructions to the letter. Clean up the affected area and repair all damages accordingly. The odor of abandoned hives can attract new swarms, so be thorough.

If the hive was located inside a building, determine the possible holes that allowed bees to enter. Block them off to keep the insects from returning.

Enjoy a Bee-Free Home with Expert Exterminators

Look for a bee or wasp exterminator near me at the first sign of a bee problem to guarantee complete eviction. Check your area’s pest control agencies. Hire one with a great track record when it comes to bee removal. Don’t wait for the infestation to spread before calling an expert!

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