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Neutral and solid colors, clean and sleek lines, rich textures, and understated elegance characterize contemporary and modern interior design. This design style focuses on enhancing a space by placing objects and furniture that complement one another. By choosing the right contemporary home décor, your space can look cozy and inviting, instead of cold and bare.

Interior of a modern house

Embracing the Contemporary Style

The recipe for a perfect, picturesque, contemporary home dictates contains the following key ingredients: color, texture, lines, and shape. Mix all these right by choosing the correct pieces of contemporary home décor and furniture, and you’ll have your social-media-worthy living space.

Let the following tips be your guide in navigating the vast possibilities the contemporary design style offers:

✅ Use neutral colors with the occasional bright accents.

Imagine a stark white couch furnished with chocolate brown throw pillows. A black ottoman set against a pastel background. A chrome-colored rug striped with ochre on your mahogany floorboards. Contemporary interiors put stock in creating proper contrast within your space using color, instead of more things and clutter.

✅ Use clean lines and space.

According to The Spruce, contemporary interiors set themselves apart through the use of architectural elements like high ceilings, blocks with bold colors, and bare windows. Exposed bricks, protruding pillars, and even plumbing pipes are perfectly acceptable. You may either paint them with bold colors to accentuate your walls or paint them with the same color to mask them.

✅ Use space wisely.

Similar to visual design, you have to create white space to let your eyes “breathe.” Don’t clutter your walls with all the contemporary home décor you can put your hands on. Remember that the contemporary style banks on the clever use of space. Give your room a quiet sophistication by putting only a few choice pieces of décor.

✅ Create visual interest by using different textures.

One wall in your room may be made up of red bricks, while the others are made of smooth white concrete. Accentuate your bare white floor with a thick, brown rug. Place yellow and white crocheted throws over your sleek black couch. Create contrast by using materials made from glass, metal, wood, or cloth.

✅ Choose the right decorations.

One of the characteristics of contemporary home décor is it’s geometric. Imagine indoor plants in polygonal pots, circular mirrors, simple square paintings on the walls, low circular tables, and cylindrical vases. They don’t have to be fancy. You could also use stacks of books, large rectangular candles, or wooden, metal or glossy photo frames to spiff up your space.

✅ Invest in lighting fixtures.

You can add cove lights, spotlights, or even lamps to add emphasis to some elements of your living space. Lighting fixtures can help bathe a wall in light or put the focus on art pieces or other décors to make your space look more open and welcoming.

✅ Keep simplicity in mind.

Say goodbye to clutter, to overdone furniture, and to garishly printed objects and decors. Contemporary design does away from intricately detailed furniture and accents. It embraces objects in their simplest forms and shapes. It’s going back to the basics.

Transitioning to a contemporary style interior may be challenging at first. It pays to remember that this design movement prioritizes quality over quantity, space over clutter. Despite all these rules, what matters is you choose the contemporary home décor that doesn’t only speak to you, but would also reflect you, the owner of the space.

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