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Is your current content strategy in Royersford, PA and Philadelphia, PA not reaping the benefits that you expect? It might be time to revisit your tactics and consider implementing a few tweaks to your content marketing strategy. After all, content marketing is an ever-evolving field, and your strategy must, therefore, keep up with these changes.


The Need for Content Marketing Services in King of Prussia, PA

Pennsylvania is home to an impressively diverse ethnic population. This is why it is quite challenging for businesses around the area to fully-capture the interest of their potential clients. But, fret not! The right solution is just waiting for you. The key is to implement a content marketing strategy based on tried-and-tested content creation solutions. Many content marketing consultants around PA exist, such as Recurring Revenue Institute. Learning from the best mentors will help you implement the right strategy and create better content.


Numerous experts have outlined tactics that can help give your content marketing strategy a boost, but only a few have underscored the importance of publishing authentic content. Authenticity is an underrated quality when it comes to content marketing, but, as experts such as Maima Jones from Recurring Revenue Institute will tell you, it’s one that will be highly valued among your consumers.


How Content Marketing has Changed

While it may seem that content marketing emerged only recently, the truth is that it has been around for a very long time. Yet there are certain factors that ushered in the new era of content marketing.


Given the growth of the Internet, its users, including businesses of all sizes, were given a platform to create and publish content for free. This became a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their brand to a wide range of audiences. However, by relying on traditional marketing tactics, brands soon found that their audiences, particularly millennials, are being burned out. In fact, 84 percent of millennials are distrustful of advertising.


Today, content marketing is all about providing value to consumers instead of promoting a brand or business. This is why businesses need to tweak their content strategy in Royersford, PA and Philadelphia, PA and provide an authentic message to their audiences.


Gauging the Power of Authenticity

To see just how powerful authenticity is, one can simply look at online reviews and how it can affect a consumer’s decision. One survey indicated that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations.


Why are consumers putting trust on online reviews? Simply put, these reviews, however mistaken they might seem, are authentic. Consumers tend to be influenced by their emotions when it comes to their buying decisions, and would, therefore, put trust on brands that have an authentic message. As business coaches and mentors from Recurring Revenue Institute might tell you, authenticity is the new currency in content marketing.


Make Your Content Marketing Strategy More Authentic

You might think that authenticity involves a lot of numbers and logic. On the contrary, being authentic simply means being honest. With three-quarters of consumers disbelieving the credibility of most businesses today, being honest can help in gaining their trust, and even make your brand more credible in their eyes.


Start by finding your brand voice, which should fit your niche and target audience. By finding your voice, whether it’s authoritative or humorous, you can better connect with consumers. Also, try your hand at writing your own content – after all, you’re an expert in your particular field, and should have no qualms about providing your own expertise. More importantly, ensure that your brand voice is being consistently applied throughout your content campaigns.


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