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After investing in high-quality, contemporary living room furniture, the next step to achieving a high-end living room design is to ensure adequate lighting throughout the space. Many homeowners skip this step, settling for a fluorescent lamp to illuminate their home. Don’t make the same mistake. Complement your aesthetic and empower your interior pieces with on-point lighting fixtures.

How Lighting Enhances Spaces and Furniture

Lighting fixtures are some of the most underrated interior design. When thoughtfully chosen and strategically installed, these versatile elements can set a room’s ambiance and elevate the visual appeal of its furnishings. Let’s take a closer look at how spaces and furniture benefit from contemporary lighting:

  • It accentuates your furniture.

Contemporary lighting from high-end furniture stores around Los Angeles features unique and beautiful designs. Choose stylish fixtures that complement or tastefully contrast your living room’s furniture. For instance, you can place a textured table lamp next to a sleek, leather sofa to emphasize the latter’s polished look.

  • It promotes energy-efficiency.

If you have an expansive living room, an overhead fluorescent lamp or two won’t do much to enhance its space and furnishings. It’ll also cost you more in the long run, especially if the fixtures you have are designed to illuminate the entire area unnecessarily. Opting for several, strategically located fixtures will let you manage your lighting options and save on electricity.

  • It sets the mood of the space.

The color and brightness of a room’s ambient light have a huge impact on a person’s mood. Bright lights with warm hues, like orange and yellow, evoke positive emotions. Dim or inadequate lighting, on the other hand, elicits the opposite response —which is why on-point lighting is crucial to any living room.

  • It lets you put your prized pieces in the spotlight.

Light draws eyes. If you want to highlight a specific area of your living room, a strategically placed fixture is the perfect solution. Use lighting to make your contemporary furniture and décor stand out.

3 Types of Lighting for Your Living Room

To light up your living room with style, you need to know what fixtures would work best for your space. Use this guide to the three main types of lighting when you design your lighting scheme to ensure on-point illumination for your place:

  1. Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting strives to make the room’s lighting look as natural as possible. Fixtures that fall under this category offer a soft glow to space, just enough to allow casual functions and help you travel through the place. They include:

    • Pendants
    • Chandeliers
    • Wall Sconces
    • Wall Lights
    • Ceiling Lights
    • Track or Recessed Lights

Since ambient lighting works mostly as a basic lighting and atmosphere setup, it’s not the ideal choice for highlighting interior pieces. Keep this in mind when you shop in ambient lighting fixtures at contemporary furniture stores.

  1. Accent Lighting

Want to draw eyes to your prized pieces? Use accent lighting. Their bright light never fails to attract, giving you the perfect opportunity to hero your living room décor and furniture. Popular accent lighting fixtures include:

    • Novelty Lamps
    • Spotlights
    • Picture Lights
    • Up-Lights

Don’t limit accent lighting to your living room. Use it to create visual focal points throughout your home. Highlight your high-end pieces like your luxury bedroom furniture in Los Angeles, accentuate your place’s unique architecture, and showcase your valued collections.

  1. Task Lighting

As its name implies, task lighting is designed to help you accomplish tasks that require fine light, such as reading, writing, and cooking. It’s brighter than an ambient light fixture, and more function-oriented than an accent light fixture. Task lighting includes:

    • Table Lamps
    • Desk Lamps
    • Reading Lamps
    • Task Lamps
    • Full Spectrum Lamps
    • Piano Lamps

Task lighting works best when it’s employed as a contrasting light, so place them in dark or dimly lit spaces. Remember, a table lamp contributes more when it’s located in a low-lit room than a bright room.

Light Up Your Living Room with Style!

Accentuate your contemporary living room furniture and enhance your space with on-point lighting. Develop a lighting scheme with a purpose. For unique, high-quality fixtures for your living room, shop at high-end furniture stores in Los Angeles today!

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