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man with sleep apnea using cpap

The latest CPAP technology means so much for people with sleep apnea, and getting to know a great deal about them is one of the requisites in treating the disorder. Whether or not you are newly diagnosed or have been enduring the disorder for a long time, there are some things about CPAP nasal masks and sleep apnea that you need to rethink.

Below are some statements that typically run inside the minds of sleep apnea patients followed by brief narratives on facts and myths behind the statements.

  1. Treatment is optional.

    This thought can actually be tempting, especially for the newly diagnosed patients. However, reports show that numerous road accidents have been linked to falling asleep while driving which was likely brought by having sleep apnea. Aside from this, certain complications like heart diseases and hypertension are also linked to sleep apnea.

  2. Going through CPAP treatment could be very inconvenient, so I’d rather not do it.

    After getting feedback about sleep apnea treatment, people who have just been diagnosed might think twice about whether or not to exert effort in treating their condition because it can be inconvenient. However, latest CPAP technologies have made the treatment more bearable for patients. In fact, there are already CPAP masks without headgear, straps, and full face mask that make the treatment more palatable to people.

  3. You can give up the CPAP treatment after some time.

    Sleep apnea is a permanent condition in most cases. Hence, lifetime treatment is needed. Aside from the complications mentioned earlier, another reason not to stop CPAP treatment is for better productivity, especially for working young adults. People with sleep apnea are reported to experience sleepiness during daytime due to unsound sleep, which in return highly affects their performance at work. Another reason to continue the treatment is that sleep apnea is also linked to some mental disorder.

  4. Sleep apnea can’t kill you.

    While it isn’t the direct reason for dying, it can actually be a precursor to complications. Such complications can add burden as people with sleep apnea age, so taming the possible cause can eradicate future problems.

  5. You can skip CPAP treatment and go directly to surgery.

    Why will you stick with using an apparatus for a long time (almost a lifetime!) if you can just have a one-time surgery? Choosing surgery can look very attractive. However, a Harvard Health Publishing article discussed that it can have side effects and must be considered as last resort.


Going Forward
Spelling out these things is by no means simple because of the tendency to take sleep apnea for granted or to overreact to it. In other words, patients are likely to ignore this treatment or would instantly resort to surgery without thinking it through. However, in the average cases, CPAP nasal masks are the typical response.

If this is the recommendation given by the doctor, looking for apparatus should not be a problem anymore because of their wide availability. You can find clunky apparatus in the market, but good news is that the latest CPAP technology has more convenient designs that will make life easier for the patients.

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