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When you come upon a selection as extensive as Ralph Lauren Fabric, you ought to have a personal guideline or standard to what kind of wallcovering you are to avail, and consequently, make an effort to care for.

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In general, there are three important qualities that you should inspect when making a wallpaper purchase:

    The durability of a wallcovering is mainly based on which part of the house it is used and what kind of material is it made out of. Wallpapers made out of vinyl or textile are highly durable and can protect your walls from dings and scratches from furniture. If you are covering an area of your house with high traffic, these materials are highly suggested.The next factor that will determine your wallcovering’s performance is the manner that it was applied. According to Cliff Goldman, a president of manufacturer, building owners sometimes, to save money, choose the lowest bidder who really doesn’t have much experience in hanging wallcoverings, which can lead to non-matching seams and wrinkling, which are then interpreted as problems with the product, but are in fact issues with the installation. Ensure that your contractor is qualified to apply your wallpapers.
    Since the wallcovering you’ll be using will probably last for at least the better part of a decade, aesthetics is almost as important as performance. There’s no real hard rule here. Just choose the one you like. Most brands, like Designers Guild Wallpaper, have large collections.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a tip would be to get a sample of your options and cover a bit of your wall with it to test it for a few days. If you liked it, then that’s the time you buy it.

    It is about the bigger picture of production and is not something consumers really bother with. It sums up everything from the extraction of raw material, manufacturing, and distribution all the way to the end of life of the product. You can check the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Assessment for Wallcovering Products to check your choice’s impact on the environment.

Now that you know how to choose your wallcovering, let’s talk about taking care of them.

  • Give the occasional wipe. For wallpapers in heavy-traffic areas, like the living room or the kitchen, give your wallpapers the occasional wipe. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt and consequently greater difficulty in removing it.
  • Test before applying. For more difficult stains, use of stronger detergent is advised. However, test everything before applying on to your wallcovering to prevent extreme reaction or discoloration of your wallpaper.
  • Clean as quickly as possible. If stained, clean as soon as possible. Time is especially crucial with solvents containing ink, shampoo, tint, or some foodstuff as the longer it stays on the wallpaper, the longer is its interaction with the product thus the greater chances of it permanently leaving a mark.
  • Product guidelines know best. Probably the first thing you need to do after making a purchase is asking the manufacturer all questions you have about their product. It is also a great help to read the product guidelines as it will contain most information that you’ll need.


Do you have any more questions? Taking care of your wallcovering might sound a bit complicated but rest assured, the added effort is worth it.

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