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Are you planning to update your bathroom’s look? Read on to get the lowdown on the top trends on bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA for 2019!

Planned Renovation Of A Luxury Modern Bathroom

  • By the Window Vanities

Placing your vanity in front of a window not only gives it accessible natural light, but it’ll also make for a better self-care experience. What about the mirror you say? Consider suspending it from the ceiling, placing it artfully on your window pane, or hanging it on the wall beside the window.

  • Small Space, Big Statement

Is your bathroom not the most spacious? Makes sure it leaves big impressions on guests anyway. Make a canvas out of one of its walls by decorating it with a high-contrast wallpaper, a bright painting, a vibrant mural, or an intricate mandala masterpiece.

  • Bold in Black

Nothing says “sexy” and “high-end” quite like an all-black ensemble. Consider taking up this aesthetic with ebony marble surfaces, obsidian fixtures, and charcoal acrylic wall systems in Los Angeles.

  • Neutral Color Schemes

If you want to give your bathroom a classy and modern feel, opt for a monochromatic theme. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to shades of a single color.

Pro Tip: To keep your space from being “too modern” or “boring,” pick a hue that simultaneously stands out and complements the neutral scheme. For example, if you opted for a light gray theme, choose something vibrant like emerald green. Integrate elements (e.g., plants, liquid soap containers, etc.) that have your chosen color throughout the room.

  • Go Industrial with Exposed Plumbing

Exposed pipes, limited to a few and beautifully painted, look good against stark white marble walls. They’re great accents if you’re going for an industrial look.

  • Spa-Inspired Designs

Nowadays, bathrooms are no longer considered as utilitarian spaces, but more of an experiential one. It’s where people let loose and unwind. As such, spa-inspired bathroom designs have grown in popularity. Tasteful and durable wooden tubs, tatami dividers, and woven curtains are staples of this aesthetic.

  • Open-Concept Floor Plans

Is it really surprising that many specialists on bathroom remodeling in Southern Carolina stand by this trend? When planned well, open-concept designs can make your bathroom more spacious but no less private and secure. All it takes are some strategically placed steel and privacy glass barriers.

  • White and Gray Marble Walls and Surfaces

Gone are the days when only floors and sinks can come in marble. You can get them for your walls as well. Choose white and gray marble patterns if you want something timeless and classic.

  • Multifunctional Storage Systems

Multifunctional storage systems aren’t just for people with small spaces. They make quite the high-end statement as well. Popular storage designs include compartments behind mirrors, small niches under stools, and wall shelves with clotheslines.

A total overhaul is not always a requirement when renovating a bathroom.  As seen in some of these trends, it may only involve tweaking some aspects of your space or replacing a fixture with something more modern. Consider these trends. Pick a few of them to accomplish or draw inspiration from to develop a look you’ll love for years to come!

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