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Thinking of undergoing LASER eye surgery in Orange County? Feeling a bit anxious about the eye operation? Allay your fears by learning more about the popular procedure.

about laser eye surgery

Fast Facts about LASIK Eye Surgery

  1. LASIK eye surgery is not just an elective or cosmetic procedure. It is also a sight-enhancing operation. It can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.
  2. LASIK eye surgery is permanent. You don’t have to return to the clinic and get the job re-done, even if your operation was purely for cosmetic purposes. There are zero chances of regression as the procedure involves eliminating all the imperfections of the patient’s cornea.
  3. LASIK eye surgery uses a cool beam of light (an excimer laser) to restructure the cornea. Doing so will either remove the need to use corrective eyewear or reduce the patient’s lens grade prescription.
  4. LASIK eye surgery is not for everyone. So, if you haven’t gotten you doctor’s go signal, don’t assume that you’re eligible for the operation. People whose corneas are too lumpy, too steep, too thin, or too flat can’t get their eyes done. It’ll only do more harm than good to their health.
  5. Patients are awake during the LASIK procedure. Fortunately, it’s not as scary or as painful as it sounds. There’s not a chance that you’ll blink during the procedure since you’ll be hooked to a machine that’ll keep your eyes open. You also don’t have to worry about pain as the operation starts with the surgeon applying numbing drops to the eye(s) involved. The doctor may also administer a mild sedative to help you relax.
  6. Patients can leave the LASIK clinic within an hour after their procedure. Yes, hospital confinement is not a requirement for this procedure. Most surgeons allow their patients to go home as early as 10 minutes after their surgery—but not before drilling their recovery protocols into their patient’s head.
  7. Most patients experience vision improvement immediately after the surgery. This is usually true for those with low prescriptions pre-LASIK. Those who have high ocular prescriptions are more likely to notice vision improvement a few hours into their recovery period.
  8. Most people reached 20/20 vision post-surgery—though results vary from patient to patient. Some still need to use contact lenses or glasses afterward. What’s guaranteed is that the visual acuity and lenses prescribed after the operation will be lower than the prescription before the operation.
  9. LASIK eye surgery won’t make you immune to age-related vision deterioration. So, don’t be surprised if you need reading glasses when you reach or exceed 40 years of age—this is the age where presbyopia naturally sets in. What happens is that the lens—specifically the lenses behind the cornea—of the eyes slowly lose the ability to perceive nearby objects.
  10. The chances of something going wrong during surgery are slim—especially if you went to the clinic that offers the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles. The medical expertise and experience of the surgeon, coupled with the high-end technology, drastically reduce the possibility of errors and complications.
  11. The chances of experiencing complications post-surgery are slim—and it has more to do with how the patient will reach to the changes than with how the procedure was carried out.
  12. The chances of you going blind due to the surgery are about 1 in 5 million. So, let this fear go. In fact, there has never been a reported case of blindness due to LASIK operation in America.

Still have reservations about the procedure? Don’t hesitate to ask your specialist for more information. Get your eyes done by the provider of the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles to ensure you’ll go under the knife of some of the bests in the U.S.

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